Project Description
CodeTitans presents set of libraries, desired for your mobile and desktop development!

* JSON@CodeTitans - easy to use JSON library
* IoC@CodeTitans - featured InversionOfControl implementation
* and more!

Available for .NET 2.0+, .NET 4.0, Silverlight 4.0+, CF.NET 2.0+ and Mono 2.0+


  • .NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0
  • Silverlight 4.0+
  • Mono 2.6+
  • .NET CompactFramework 2.0+
  • Windows Mobile 5.0+
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Microsoft Store!

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Available at

Now available via NuGet

* Bayeux@CodeTitans, to install: Install-Package codetitans-bayeux
* Core@CodeTitans, to install: Install-Package codetitans-core
* IoC@CodeTitans, to install: Install-Package codetitans-ioc
* JSON@CodeTitans, to install: Install-Package codetitans-json
* WP-About@CodeTitans, to install Install-Package codetitans-wp-about


VisualSVN Also lots of appreciation for VisualSVN team for sharing their VisualSVN for Visual Studio license!
ResharperLast, but not least - all the best for JetBrains for providing the Resharper license!


Reading and writing JSON messages has never been so easy!

  • fully compliant with JSON standard (
  • compiles against: .NET 2.0+, .NET 4.0, Compact Framework .NET 2.0+, Windows Phone 7, Silverlight and Mono
  • supports mutable and immutable JSON object
  • extremely small footprint (only ~80kb library size)
  • supports Unicode escape character sequences
  • enhanced error checking (with invalid token found and its location in source text)
  • serialization to indented (for improved human readability) or unindented (for space and traffic saving)
  • full type safety! read JSON object will keep the same data types and keywords used (true/false/null) when serialized!
  • automatic serialization and deserialization using dedicated attributes
  • simple, easy to use API (similar to JSON implementation for Android)
  • support for basic .NET types (FCL)
  • easy definition of "default values" taken for optional fields of JSON message
  • no type castings required!
  • contains tests project for Continuous Integration!

Examples Live sample

You need to install Microsoft Silverlight to view this content. Get Silverlight!
Get Microsoft Silverlight


Centralized service management has never been so easy!

  • out-of-the-box service registration by type, name, numeric ID, GUID
  • compiles against: .NET 2.0+, .NET 4.0, Compact Framework .NET 2.0+, Windows Phone 7, Silverlight and Mono
  • enhanced .NET generics utilization for easier service instantiation and access
  • supports dynamic services creation on per request basis and single instance (singleton) provided for all clients
  • lazy service creation and initialization
  • binding one service instance as several service types, service name (even the lazily ones!)
  • sharing the same service instance between multiple service locaters!
  • extremely small footprint (less than ~20kb library size)
  • simple to use API (with documented source-code)
  • no type casting required!
  • enhanced error checking (with validation at registration and service instantiation time!)
  • contains tests project for Continuous Integration!



AJAX based two-way communication has never been so easy!

  • full support for client side Bayeux Protocol
  • compiles against: .NET 2.0+, .NET 4.0, Compact Framework .NET 2.0+, Windows Phone 7, Silverlight and Mono
  • simple to use and extensible API
  • works great with not only HTTP data source!
  • fully event-driven approach
  • contains tests project for Continuous Integration!

  • work in progress...


Using Apple's (MacOS) functionalities have never been so easy!

  • reads and writes *.plist (Property List) files
  • reads and writes *.strings (localization and resources) files
  • queues list of tasks for execution (NSOperationQueue --> ExecutionQueue)
  • adds Range support
  • unifies notification dispatching on GUI owned threads
  • advanced logging support



Unified AboutScreen for Windows Phone 7+ and 8 devices

  • unified look and feel across all your Silverlight applications
  • lazy loading - no need to consume resources, if users don't use it!
  • info, change-log, static news and licensing tabs
  • full localization support
  • small size - 60kb


Custom Builds

* Software to Build - explains is needed to create own build using latest source-code
* Project Setup - here I show you the steps how to add a reference to JSON@CodeTitans, Bayeux@CodeTitans, Core@CodeTitans and IoC@CodeTitans.

Design and implementation: Paweł Hofman
Powered by: CodeTitans
More info here.

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