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Project Setup

There are 3 ways of making your build dependant on CodeTitans Libraries:
  1. download binaries and just make the reference to them, there are also XML comments included, so code completion and other IntelliSense actions in Visual Studio should be supported
  2. download full source code and add selected projects to your solution, then make your own projects dependant on added CodeTitans Libraries
  3. download full source code and add the files directly to your project (or as a references); if you like some better integration and if you use SVN or GIT version control, you could always add an external reference to repository of this project, so it will load latest build, each time you update your local repository

The last option is mostly required if you plan to release you own product and you don't want to have a separate assemblies. So instead of using tools that will merge binaries etc, it's always better to directly build-in the CodeTitans Libraries source code.

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